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DruMais Massage

Our skilled therapists will utilize traditional Swedish style techniques to promote circulation and relax your muscles during this relaxing service.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $125



The compression technique based on the theory that treating different zones of the body lead to a whole system balance.

45 minutes $100


Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Combines traditional massage techniques with specialized deep tissue work to provide relief to specific areas of muscle stress. Not a full body massage.

60 minutes $80 ~ 90 minutes $110


Essential Oil Massage

This traditional Swedish massage, with a series of pure grade essential oils, helps to achieve balance in the body.

60 minutes $85 ~ 90 minutes $115


Hot or Cold Stone Massage

Traditional massage techniques using smooth Basalt Rocks. Wonderfully relaxing! Great for inflammation reduction and to smooth away the tension.

60 minutes $85 ~ 90 minutes $115


Prenatal massage

Techniques customized to accommodate the changing body of the Mom-To-Be, 4-9 months into pregnancy for stress reduction.

60 minutes $75 ~ 90 minutes $100

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